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Swanberg Typewriter Repair

Home-based typewriter repair and sales service local to Kansas City.

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Machines I've Repaired

For clients local to KC as well as for my personal collection


1919 Hammond Multiplex


192X Empire No. 1 (WIP)


1936 Royal Model O


1959 Tower President XII

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My Services


I am offering repair services to anyone in Kansas City or general KC area. My repairs range anywhere from simple tune ups to mechanical repairs. Please contact me below describing the general condition of the machine (pictures help greatly in showing the physical condition of a machine, but mechanical issues are often hard to detect without thorough testing). We can discuss a quote based on the condition of your machine, the amount of work you would like to have done, and how long it would take.

I charge $30/hour for repairs/cleanings/adjustments

(typical repairs take between 2-6 hours, with cleaning/adjusting usually on the lower end of that).

I will also charge for any parts I have to source exceeding a $10 value.

All repairs and associated costs will be documented on a Bill of Service provided upon service completion.

Types of servicing I offer:

cleaning (inside and out), alignment/adjustments, mechanical repairs, rubber replacement (feet, feed rollers, and platens),

rust repair (can get very pricey if rust is extensive), and more.

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About Me

I was first introduced to typewriters at the age of 5, and ever since I have been collecting and servicing them for myself, friends, and family. Today, I have a collection of roughly 20 typewriters, each of which has been serviced and maintained by myself. Many of my machines are over 100 years old, and still work great! Since starting college at the University of Kansas, I have been offering repair services as a means to earn extra funds for college (and more typewriters, of course!) as well as to expand my passion for typewriters. As I am currently enrolled in classes full time, expect repairs to take longer while classes are in session. Lifetime Kansas resident.

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Contact Me

Feel free to email me any time at with regard to repair or sales.

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